Saturday, 31 May 2014

Foxy Seat Cover

So at last I get around to posting... sorry guys! Life gets ridiculously busy, but, now that I'm spending time looking after my old, old Dad, it's actually giving me some craft time. Plus, he has a big back verandah where I can set up and make dust without worrying.
Lately though, I drag Mums old, disused ironing board into the lounge room and work on my rug standing up (my preferred position) in front of the tele, where we can chat (actually I just watch my old, old Dad snooze and watch what I want, like 'Arthur 2' the other night). It's just where I used to so the ironing as a child too. Hankies, pillowslips, sheets... remember when we ironed everything?
So, Foxy is for the third foot-stool we have at mine. The other two are cats now. I printed out a heap of fox pictures and use them to do choose how to colour in. Plenty of tweaking to do yet!

Sunday, 25 May 2014

"Proggy and Hooky Rugs" by Miriam Miller

This book is an introduction to the old skills of rag rug making, particularly proggy and hooky rugs. It is a fun book, with instructions for rugs making, pictures of some of the different kinds of rugs you can make, and lots of colour. There is also a scone recipe and a knitted rug pattern, as well as ideas for quirky projects (such as a tea-cosy and a hat) that you can make using the rag rug method.
I hope it encourages you to try rug making and brings to you the pleasure of creating something interesting and beautiful from unwanted fabric.
Miriam Miller is a founding member of the Australian Rugmakers Guild, was President from 2008 until 2012 and now President Emeritus.
If you would like to contact Miriam about her book you can email her at

Friday, 23 May 2014

May Rug meeting

Once again our wonderful group met at Joy's home in Lilydale for a very enjoyable time of fellowship. Only a few short hours together but lots to catch up on. 

Joy shared her proposal for her Strath workshop on dyeing with us as we sat around munching on delicious food, drinking loads of coffee and teas, and hooking away at our current projects. 
Robyne's gorgeous fox rug is coming along famously, while Joy's 'Green Gables' rug was mostly completed but for the sky.

Jen and Chris are working on their ' Beautiful Botanicals' entries for the Strath Rug Expo in October while Anne was continuing her project. Leeanne was having a day of and just enjoying the company.
While there is not so much 'new' news this month that certainly didn't make the day any less enjoyable. Between friends there is always lots to chat about and catch up on.
Feel free to join us next month in Warrandyte.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

May meeting of the Yarra Valley Rug Makers

Hi Rug Hookers
I can't believe the month has flown so quick. This month's meeting will be held at Joy's home in Lilydale on 17th May. All welcome, young and old, experienced or beginner. If you would like to know more about the art of Rug Hooking feel free to drop us a line in the contact form on the right of the page and come join us. We'd love to meet you. :)