Thursday, 18 July 2019

Introducing the Global online Hook-in, by Global Textile Hub

Following the successful launch of the virtual mixed-media exhibition,
"Re-imagined" in 2018, the "team" from Global Textile Hub (Jo Franco, Kira Mead and Judi Tompkins who are also members of this Guild) have a new virtual project ready to go:   an online Global Hook-in
This virtual event will launch online in Australia and can be accessed from around the world through a simple sign up.

Australian viewers will join the Hook-in online Wednesday morning, 14th August 2019 but due to the international time difference, those in the USA/Canada will be joining on the evening of Tuesday 13th August.

The virtual event will be introduced on behalf of the Australian team at Rug Hooking Week, Sauder Village, Ohio, USA by our fibre colleague Susan Feller, ArtWools, West Virginia.

Keep watching this space or click this link to the Global Textile Hub FB page
for more information 

Sunday, 7 July 2019

We Are Going For Gold With 2 Get Together's This Month.

We are having two Rug Day get togethers this month. Ha ha ha! It comes from not being able to accommodate everyone and then Anne kindly jumped in and said she didn't mind hosting two. We'll meet on this Saturday 13th July and the 27th of July at Warrandyte. I might be able to get my Footy Rug finished so I can go back to my big Uzbeki style rug (I'm always doing way too many things at once).
If you are interested in coming along, email me at or message/call 0410876096. If you call, leave a message if I don't answer or I'll think you are spam!
We've only just had a lovely day at Anne Marie's new place too, so the keen-ness is showing. That's because it's so enjoyable and the company is good!
Old rug I bought 25 years ago.
Another by the same woman. Her husband had heaps of them at St. Andrew's market one day and I bought four. Crimpelene, for the most part.
Joy working on her stair rugs. You can see her small oil painting in the background. 
Two rugs of mine, vying for attention amongst the knitting, the embroidering, the dressmaking and Oh, the working and cleaning.

Sunday, 26 May 2019

A Quiet Day At The Patch

Saturday 25th of May was a quiet one at my home in The Patch (Victoria, Australia). Anne, Katherine and myself (Robyne) were joined briefly by my friend Nicole, who had a little go at hooking. I want to convert her of course, but two dogs, four young boys and a full time job keep her busy enough and she said she despairs of any poor rug that lays on their floors just now. I do assure her that children grow (and, shhh, eventually leave home).
I hope the rest of our team were too busy to get along, rather than didn't realise we had a get together. Sooorrryy!! I forgot to send out a reminder....

Katherine working on her Magpie Rug (below). 

Getting there with the Footy Rug. I find if I leave it in the lounge room, I go to it more often, rather than away from the tele in the sewing room. Boring!
Nicole and I are each making 'Calla', a lovely patterned shawl. I dyed some Bendigo Woollen Mills alpaca in two shades of this lovely teal. Mine (the darker) is finished (I started way ahead of Nicole, who is the far better and more dedicated knitter).
We're going to swap our leftover yarn at the end to make complimentary cuffs.

Jennifer Walton, who joined in in spirit from the Atherton Tablelands in FNQ, has finished her first combined proggy/hooky rug! Excepting for the binding (which will no doubt be done by now).
Such finesse! Jen said she spent an aeon preparing the flowers beforehand. So proud! 

Calla. The colour is much darker than this really. It was useful yesterday, out and about in the freezing cold.

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Jennie Walton's New Obsession

My dear friend Jennie Walton came to stay a while back, and I showed her my rugs and how to make them. I gave her a copy of Miriam Miller's fabulous book 'Proggy & Hooky Rugs' which is a clear and excellent cover-all of instruction.
Armed, Jennie went home and started! This, her first rug, has a hooked background surrounding prodded flowers.
Jen has always taken a new craft on like a crazy person, mastering techniques in her stride, without the timidity.  Growing up surrounded by the artistry of her father Brian Evans, she has a great eye for detail.

UPDATE: Made using scraps of silk, suede, felt, cotton, velvet, cotton/wool yarn, light blue satin dress, T shirt, and a piece of polyester! The backing is an old hessian curtain bought from the market (heaps left too). In other words, Every kind of  material is here!
Incorporating hooked, shorn-hooky and proddy work.

THE NEXT GET TOGETHER IS AT MY PLACE (ROBYNE'S) IN THE PATCH ON THE 25TH OF MAY. Phone 0410876096 or email r.m.square@bigpond or call any of us or comment here for instructions on how to get here. 10am onward.

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Grandson's Wagga & Next Meeting Date:

Rug day at Anne's in Warrandyte was the usual relaxed, lovely day among friends (minus Chris, sigh). We need to take more photo's as everyone was quite productive!

You know when you dye a heap of blanket, only to find it too dark for your hooky rug, or too green/blue...? Well, over time I had quite a bit of green I wasn't using in any current rugs. I dyed another deeper green piece and made this Wagga (follow the link for others) for my eldest grandson's 19th birthday.
The red tartan comes from a kilt I wore on constant rotation when he was a baby (and I was a young'en').
I have pieced together a back from various fabrics I have had in my collection, including some of my Dad's jeans and my Mum's tablecloth (unfinished from when she was 14 years old). These being my grandsons dear departed and ever adoring great-grandparents.

THE NEXT GET TOGETHER IS AT MY PLACE (ROBYNE'S) IN THE PATCH ON THE 25TH OF MAY. Phone 0410876096 or email r.m.square@bigpond or call any of us or comment here for instructions on how to get here. 10am onward.

Please come and join us! It's heaps of fun. Once you start you'll never stop, I assure you.

Monday, 18 February 2019

February meeting of the Yarra Valley Rugmakers

Hi friends and members of the Yarra Valley Rug makers
Just letting you know that our next meeting will be at Chris' in Loch on Feb 23rd 
We hope to have a dyeing session for those of you feel a little challenged by this necessary skill that most hookers use at some stage of their journey.
Hope to see you there. All welcome

Friday, 25 January 2019

January Meeting of the Yarra Valley Rug makers

Hi fellow rug makers.
It been quite a while since you have heard from us. I hope you all have a New Year full of challenging resolutions and that all those incomplete rugs that are still hiding in the wardrobe will see the light of day and be completed.
We had a wonderful first meeting at Anne's in Warrandyte, Vic.
Six of us present, with one newie rug hooker-Kaye, and lots of fun and food. Welcome to the Yarra Valley rug makers Kaye.

 Our days are not just about hooking, they are also, as much about the social aspect- companionship, conversations and good food.

Its amazing what you sometimes pick up at op shops. This is Anne's latest  find. Hooked with yarn.
Left photo- front; right photo- back.

                                                          Anne Marie and Robyne inspecting Robyne's footy rug

                     Our new member- Kaye brought in this lovely rug of her mum's in to show us. Kaye came along to get some hints as to how to match up her yarns and best finish it off. Much discussion as to how to proceed. 

Another of Kaye's mother's rugs.  
Both of her rugs are hooked with yarn
Chris continued to work on her ├Źn the beginning' rug, while Robyne brought along this lustrous pile of mohair, asking Chris to spin it up for, thereby earning her some money for the mission she supports in Uganda.         

Well that's your lot for Saturday 12th January. Thanks for joining us. Hope to see you here again soon. Cheers