Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The welcome Mat

Hi Everyone
I thought I would bring to your attention a great group to join if you want to learn more about rug hooking, dyeing, designing, colour and lots more. The 'Welcome Mat' belongs to Rug Hooker Wanda Kerr. I have just recently joined and are getting so much out of it. It costs $30.00 for a whole year.
Anyway, have a look at the you-tube video. Here's the link

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Next Get Together, Sat June 1st

Our next (and second only) get together is coming up. Please come along, whether to join in the rugging or to have a look and see if you might like to try this fun and interesting craft.
The meet will be held in Warrandyte, Victoria.
 Email victorianrugmakers@gmail.com for more information.

I'll be making the famous (in my family)....

 Molly Longstaff's Ginger Cake:

1 small cup butter (100g)
3/4 cup sugar
2 large tablespoons Golden Syrup
1 egg
2 cups sifted Plain Flour with 1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 dessertspoon ground ginger
1 cup milk with 1 teaspoon carb. soda
A few raisins, dates, preserved ginger and whatever you feel . I usually add walnuts or pecan nuts too. Small amount of crushed cardamon seeds is nice too too. Not too much though, it's strong.
Cream butter and sugar. Add Golden Syrup, then egg, milk and flour.
Bake at 180 degrees for approx. 1 hour.

I promised to make it last time, but things got out of hand... this time, no excuses!

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Calling For New Members!

If you are interested in joining this new group of Ruggers, please contact us via any of the contributors (as in the right hand column), or at victorianrugmakers@gmail.com
We are a friendly, sharing lot and welcome any person.
Whether you are a beginner, or an old hand. Whether you're young or old or somewhere in the middle...
Our group has only just begun and your input will add to our happiness and thinking pool.
So far, the group consists of the very experienced and the absolute novice. The novices, after only one meeting, have already been given a hand-up and felt themselves to be even more inspired to get going in this interesting craft.
The more the merrier! Come along!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

First Real Attempt, Here We Go

This is a thinking out loud doodle I did at work. I had a go at drawing it bigger at home, but (as is often the case) my first go had a better feeling to it. So I've blown it up and will do it as my first real attempt. My first cut-cloth rag rug. It will be a stool-seat cover for my One True's drawing table.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day everyone. I hope your children all appreciate you and never take you for granted. May they cherish you this day and always and understand the sacrifices made for them by their mums.
God bless you
Love from Chris

Greetings from Chris at Loch, in beautiful Sth Gippsland.

OK, so let's get the ball rolling. Robyne has so kindly set all this up for us, now we need to make it interesting for us all and hopefully people will come and visit.
I know you have all seen my rugs but for the sake of interest, I will post them here again.

[1] Floral window
This is my first ever rug. My colours are limited here as my stash was rather small. I even used fabrics that are frowned upon, like wool garbadine.  I used mostly but not all recycled wools. 

[2] The Way, Truth and the Life
My second rug was mostly done while holidaying in our motorhome to the north coast of Oz. I dyed the dark wool in an old pan I bought at an Op Shop using black Rit dye and red, blue and yellow food colouring. It was such fun. I also dyed white Dorr wool with very weak food dye for the centre backound. I edged this rug with a crocheted edge. I have yet to master the art  and patience of whipping.

[3] Outback Sunset
This, my third rug was started when I did a workshop with Heather Ritchie at Strathalbyn last October. She taught us how to hook from a photograph. This rug is 30" x 31" and I used wool, silk, fleece, and wool yarn. It also has a crocheted edge.
Did I say I love hooking??

[4] Bag made from a  square
This sample square was started at the Strathalbyn workshop in Oct. 2012. I finished it in January 2013 and made it into a bag, which subsequently went to a good home.

[5] Square sampler
This square was started in Dec 2012 and finished Jan 2013. I love the bright colours. It became a gift for a dear friend.

This is the start of my memories love rug. I just love the rugs I have seen on the net and have wanted to do one for a while. I won't be working on it for a couple of months now as we'll be leaving for WA on Monday.

This is the rug I will be working on while on holidays. My 'hubby' rug. It is more portable than my Love Rug and fits beautifully on my rug frame [with the help of some clamps that is...:)]
I hope to be visiting rug hookers along the way in SA and WA.
Have a great second meeting at Anne's in June. I hope to hear all about it by email or alternatively on this blog.
..."didn't happen though did it!"

Friday, 10 May 2013

Robyne Melia's Vintage Rugs

A tiny, finely worked (possibly) Doll's House rug. Worked with quite fine wool on hessian. From the Murray Walker collection (bought at auction)

My 'Korean Wrapping Cloth' style ship sails lamp on a rag rug sea. Rug also from the Murray Walker collection.
(Murray Walker collected Australiana including old kerosine tin furniture, hessian aprons and Australian art. My One True and I purchased a box of textiles and a Shulim Krimpler lounge suite) from his downsizing auction. These rugs had been produced in the traditional methods for his book, Old Colonial Crafts, published in the 70's.)

My one and (so far) only attempt at rug hooking (well... kind of). From a vintage picture. I have embroidered the mouth. Now that I look at it again, I do like it a lot. What put me off at the time (20+ years ago) was the fineness of the woollen yarn. It would be good in woollen fabric strips instead. Hmmm...

Back and front of another from Walker's collection. It has been worked with a needle, I think? There is one section that is looped, as if the rest has been worked thus, then cut? The yarn is very fine, probably abour a 3 ply. Pretty though.

I purchased four of these rugs almost 30 years ago (above back and front pictures), at St. Andrews market, for $20 each. Sadly, I divorced and had to relinquish two! They have been made using all sorts of cloths... Crimpelene, t-shirting, anything! They are not soft and lovely to stand on, but are extremely warm and sensible. So Very Sensible.
There were quite a few more I could have bought, but funds were limited. An old lady had made them some years previously and her husband was selling off junk. He seemed surprised that I valued them and I suppose saw them as utilitarian objects, which they were and are.

We're off and running thanks to Robyne.

Monday, 6 May 2013

The Inaugural Meeting of The Victorian Rug Makers

Chris Noorbergen and Joy Marshall's rugs

The inaugural meeting of the ‘First Saturday Ruggers’  group (name still to be decided on) met on Saturday, 4th May 2013, hosted by Joy Marshall at her home in Lilydale, Victoria , Australia.  Lots of getting to know one another as well as seeing wonderful rugs and works in progress.  Morning tea, and a luncheon spread (including Miriam’s scones brought by Chris and some gorgeous soups supplied by Joy) to rival any  well established group. An enjoyable day was had by all with lots of plans for the further  promotion of our  rug hooking art/craft group.
The next gathering will be at Anne Schafer’s home in Warrandyte, Victoria on Saturday 1st June. Please email us if you're interested. Everyone's welcome, from the experienced, to beginners or the curious.

'Bideford Parsonage'  by Joy Marshall
 Sadie is our littlest crafter (6 years old).
Chris hard at work
Some vintage rugs owned by one of the girls.
Joy's beautiful rugs were a wonder to behold.
top left "Ode to Anne'; top right "Hope at Peggy's Cove" and "Brighton Beach Boxes"

Pop into Gene Shepherd's blog for a bit more on the day.