Sunday, 31 May 2015

Continuing my travels through WA

And so, as we travel on along the the south west coast, we finally reach Perth, just in time to visit the Perth Quilt and Craft show. So, having met up with Marion from Strath Matters, a few times already on the way from SA to WA, the two of us braved the WA transport system, and took the train into Perth from Duncraig, as we both just happened to be staying in that same suburb at the same time. We thoroughly enjoyed each others company as we arrived in the city in good time and walked to the
Centre where the show was being held. After locating Jo and Kath at the Rug Hookers stand, we left our bags there (but not our money. You never know what a girl might come across that she deperately needs) and choofed off to check out the variety of goods available. We oohed and aahed a lot but our money stayed in our pockets, except off course to spend on coffee and lunch. We returned to help out for a while at the ARG stand, while admiring the rugs on display.  Apart from the fabulous rug, 'Lest we forget', which was hooked in grey scale,  by the combined efforts of the Wanneroo Rugmakers Group and designed by Jo, there was also a display of Kira's standing wool rugs, and off course Marion's 'George'. The Wanneroo Rug Makers entry, Ebb and Flow, selected as finalists in the Common Threads Wearable Art Show, was also on display, and a great topic of conversation.
What a fine day we had. Back on the train, we arrived safe and well back in Duncraig,  ready for dinner.
The following day, Jerry and I took off from Perth, back home to Melbourne.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

The One True's Standing Mat

'This here's the wattle
the emblem of our land
you can stick it in a bottle
or hold it in your hand'
(Monty Python's 'Bruce' sketch)

What you can't see from my crummy phone photo's is that the wattle blossoms are raised a bit.

My hubby has a lot of pets. Wild birds. They come and sing or chortle outside our bedroom window if they see us there. He's their friend. So when he said he wanted a pad to stand on while at his easel, painting, I thought, there you go.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

May Meeting of the Yarra Valley Rug makers

There were five members present at the last meeting, with I-Chris, still galavanting around our fair country, but still keeping the group  up to date with my rug hooking adventures.
Joy is still working on her lovely stair treads, while Sandra has almost finished her Shawn the Sheep rug and  just deciding on what colour to use for a border.

Wendy  was working on a sampler of all different techniques that can be used in rugmaking, which should be interesting. I am sure we will know by the next meeting what her different techniques are. Anne decided to drag out her Gene Shepherds 'Fowl Mood" rooster rug, which she started a few years back but never got around to finishing, even though it looks like she hardly started it.

This is the oriental rug Yours truly is working on at home- even though I am not at home right now to work on it.
I am however working- even though spasmodically- on the last of my portrait rugs. This is Milly, grandchild number six. I admit I haven't done a great deal on it, being occupied in other ways while on holidays, buuut little by little.


Our next meeting, Saturday 14th June, will be at Sandra's home in Hastings, depending on how many might be able to make it.  Cheers until next time :)

NOTE: If anyone is interested in rugmaking, you are most welcome to come to Sandra's home in Hastings on Saturday 13th June. We'll begin about 10.30am. See comments for details. 

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

My visit with a lone Rug Maker from Augusta, WA

As we continue our trip through the southern part of WA, we stopped at Augusta,  a small town on the south western most tip of WA. I went there specifically to meet and talk to a fellow Dutch woman,  and a lone rug hooker in this town. Lies learned about rug hooking while holidaying in Canada. While visiting shows and rug hooking shops she became hooked and during her follow up visit booked herself into a week long workshop at one of the Rug Hooking Schools. I spent a couple of hours with Lies and during this time we chatted mostly about our individual rug hooking adventures.

Her first rug was a variation of the tree of life. A very ambitious start for a first, but she did it magnificently. This lovely rug, measuring approx. 750 x 1400 is hooked in a #5 with woolen strips.

For the last three years Lies has been working on a story rug she calls, 'Windows of my life' and which depicts times in her life that have special meaning for her. It is about 900mm x 1500mm and also hooked in wool. Lies dyes all her own wool for her rugs. Suffering a lot from arthritis she only allows herself short stretches of hooking at the time. I suggested that rather using a pencil hook, she might find it kinder to her hands if she used a Les Ritchie bent hook and rather than holding it like a pencil she palm the ball handle which is a lot more comfortable. The time soon went, and upon saying goodbye promised her that I would do a writeup of my visit with her on the Victorian Rugmakers Blog.

Windows of my Life

Sunday, 10 May 2015

A visit to see Kira Mead- Quillie rug Artist

Great Sandy
Still on our travels in WA, and while in Albany, I happened to attend a Street festival,  and there, at a gallery with a large display of art entries,  I spotted a most delightful Quillie wall hanging of  beautiful reds. Checking the name card I noticed it was the work of Kira Mead, who happens to live in Albany. Obtaining her details from Jo, I emailed Kira and asked if I could come and visit.  She was happy to slot me in on short notice as we were leaving Albany the following day. I was so happy to have done this as her work is spectacular.

Kira will be teaching at the Rug Hooking and More weekend in Perth early June. So go check out her lovely wall rugs if you are in the area.

'So What'

This lovely hanging of greens and the compliment red has had fairy lights inserted in the folds and lights up the green to a lovely chartreuse green. It is called 'Cosmic Peacock'

 'Licorice Labyrinth'

Friday, 8 May 2015

My visit to Strath Matters, in Strathalbyn, SA

On our trip to WA, I visited Strathalbyn in  SA  with  the sole intention of visiting the women from the Strath Matters rug hooking group. But I was also keen to see Marion's portrait rug of her husband George, which she had recently completed. I was not disappointed. It is a beautiful piece, as you can see in the photo. She did a wonderful job of hooking this rug with his face done in woolen strips and the background hooked in woolen yarn. A very effective combination and contrast. It was wonderful to spend a few hours with this lovely group of women and checking out some of the projects they were working on.
Some were working on toothbrush rugs, others on proddy and hooked rugs. The hooked rugs were mostly done with rug wool. The time soon went.
 In the evening we went out to dinner with some of the couples. It was a great evening and we hope to meet up again with some of them in Perth in June. On the Monday morning of our departure, I visited Judy once more as she had bags of woolen fabric to give me for the Victorian Rug hookers. This  wool was given to her by a retired rug hooker, who was wanting to off-load her large stash of wool. I had to stop myself from drooling all over this beautiful fabric. But I don't think that may have been appreciated. Thanks Judy this will will be well received.

                                         Don't you just love Marion's apron?