Friday, 29 July 2016

Home Schooling Proggy Workshop

Yesterday, I had the most wonderful opportunity and privilege to teach a group of twelve home schooled children the craft of proggy rug making.
I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly they picked it up. They all drew their own creative designs onto the hessian backing and very soon they were off and progging away in all colours of the rainbow. I was absolutely delighted at their skill levels, given their limited tools. Some even got inventive and brought thick wooden knitting needles. Most of the children used the proggers and home made pvc frames I had provided for their first time though, although some used embroidery hoops. The children will continue to work on their project throughout the term and I am looking forward to being invited back to see their finished mats.
Some parents, when they saw how much their children enjoyed the craft offered to make pvc frames for them.

If you would like to learn the craft of either proggy or hooky rug making in a small group setting please leave a message for me [Chris]. I give workshops in my home at Loch, of which the proceeds are donated to missions in India and Uganda.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Next meeting of the Yarra Valley Rug Makers

Hello all ruggers and would be ruggers.
Our next meeting of the Yarra Valley Rug Makers will be held on Saturday 23rd July at Chris' home in Loch.
All welcome :)

Monday, 11 July 2016

F-I-N-I-S-H-E-D! Yes, It Is!

It's done! Weighs a ton, feels like a luxurious, unbelievable lush, thick, velvety, shag-pile, roll-around-on-it marvelous thing. Quite happy with it actully. 74 x 1+40cm

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Welcome Mat is free

Are you interested in the art of rug hooking, but don't know where to start?
Checkout The Welcome Mat. You'll find support from lots of like minded people as well as lots and lots of tips, videos, dyeing information and anything to do with rug hooking. can now sign up for free...yes...the Welcome Mat is free. You'll find it HERE

Friday, 1 July 2016

June Catch Up (by Robyne)

This is my own first get together for many months, and it was very nice to see Jen, Joy and Anne at Anne's amazing, craft-filled house in Warrandyte. The fires were burning, the soup delicious and we chatted and worked on our rugs for the whole day.
Jen fitting in some sun-burst activity. We all find it hard to find time to rug and so these day's together give us the time, uninterrupted excepting by lunch and some happy Ooohing and Aaahing.
I've been so tied up with family commitments too, that it felt a rare treat to take a whole day to go and play with the gals. A pity Chris wasn't present (sniff), or some other's who are more likely than I to be there.
Joy's second stair-tread rug, 'The sheep on the heather' (I made that name up) is coming along. Joy has included some Wenslydale (Is that right Joy?) wool into the right hand sheep.
We are all on a mission to find a Heath Robinson solution to have her family and friends avoid actually walking on the stairs once they're carpeted. Perhaps a Mary Poppins solution?
The heath and the distant mountains...
My proggy rug is nearly done (even more so, as I write this). My sciatica will hopefully move on when it is, as I take way too much (cleaning) time at it after dinner in the evening and the nerve is making me pay. Pretty-well every night, I get sucked into it. It's killing me.
My hubby is going to make me a standing-up pair of trestle legs, so I can either prop on a stool or stand up to work. 
The back is always clearer huh.
A couple of nights ago I sacrificed my over-pj's-wear kimono because it's exactly the right colour for some background. It was wearing out in any case, so... I did like wearing it though...
I've discovered audio books. This rug has seen me through the entire 8 Outlander books and now I'm onto 'All Quiet on the Western Front'. Wow! What a book that is. Amazing account and so human.
The audio's are good for making vacuuming a nothing rather than a bore too. 
Hey... I notice Anne didn't photograph her own rug....