Monday, 14 October 2013


In this, my second portrait rug, I have decided to implement April deConick’s   way of doing portraits, based on value rather than colour alone. April says; “It is based on the concept that the eye focuses on differences in value and intensity, more than differences in color.”
Within  each area of value I am using about 4-5 colours of the same value, rather than just one skin toned colour. The colours may include, pinks, purples, red, blues. As long as they are of the same value I will use them in that one area. It is also a great way of using up your stash.
A good way of knowing whether your colours are of the same value is to sort them into groups- i.e light pinks, creams, blues, mauves and so on in the light group. Do the same for light mediums, mediums, dark mediums and darks. Then take a monochrome photo of each group. Any that are not of the same value will easily show up as either darker or lighter. Put those with your other groups of values.
In the photos you will see this colour combination. I am very happy with the way this is working and will keep you up to date with photos. 

 My pattern traced onto the backing

 I start with the eyes, then the mouth.

 Once I have the main features hooked, I hook the light values first, then the dark, and finally the medium values.


  1. It's looking good so far. That would be quite a challenge to me.

    1. Thanks Julia, yes I am planning to do a set of six portraits in A3 size each. This is our eldest grandson. I love the challenge of doing portraits.

  2. Hi Chris, This is an interesting concept and one I look forward to picking your brains about. Even though the colours are of the same value, having a variety makes it very lively doesn't it? He looka a lovely boy too! x