Saturday, 8 February 2014

February Meeting of the Yarra Valley Rugmakers

On a very hot 40⁰ day, six brave souls struggled from their air-conditioned car into an lovely air-conditioned cafe at the Burrinja Gallery in Upwey. We had a wonderful day together despite all that. May people wandered in to say Hi and checked out what we were doing. Many questions asked and stories told. It was great day. Robyne's daughter Ruby dropped in to join us for some lunch, dropping of her budding artist daughter, Sadie to stay with grand-ma for the weekend. 

 We talked about a bulk buy of white wool from the US. This will happen a little further down the track. 
We also chatted about upcoming events such as the Strathalbyn Rug Hooking Expo in October, the Narrawilly weekend of rugging and sharing in Milton, NSW and the Beautiful Botanics Rug making challenge and competition, organised for the Strath Expo. More about some of these in another post.


But at three in the afternoon we were ready to go home, having decided that we do miss the cosyness of home meetings. So there's some food for thought for the next meeting.
Blessings to all our rug makers and potential rug makers. Please be encouraged to come along next month. 


  1. I love our monthly boost of friendship and inspiration. And, not to seem too picky, but my little Blossom is called Sadie! xx

  2. Oops, sorry, I've corrected it. :):):)