Monday, 22 September 2014

Shibori Dyeing

I have discovered a new dyeing method and I love it. Shibori Dyeing.
Shibori is a Japanese term for methods of dyeing cloth by binding, stitching, folding, twisting, and compressing, like tie dyeing. Actually it is tie dyeing but the method originated in Japan.

I have done two quick samples, well maybe not so quick, and not because I needed the wool but because I wanted to try it. I used the Arashi process, this is is the Japanese term for “storm” and it’s also known as the pole-wrapping technique. It starts by wrapping fabric around a plastic PVC pipe. Once the fabric is wrapped, tie a piece of twine into a double knot at the base of the pipe. Like the picture on the right and you keep pushing the wool together and tying, until you get to the end, making folds, thus you will have resisted areas where the dye doesn't penetrate.

The dye is then painted on. I used tan wool and dyed it with onion skin dye with some brown added

Here are the results:
Not as successful as I would have liked but not too bad for a first effort. I couldn't find any instructions on what to do with the wool after the dye was applied so I cooked it for a while. That probably wasn't such a good idea as the PVC pipe the fabric was wrapped around distorted in the boiling water. Nevertheless it worked, only the pipe was binned, not to be used again.
I also made too many wraps and the dye didn't penetrate to the inner layers, so I cut that bit off and re-did it with a darker dye. 
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  1. Try again with my comment..... Who is this? It looks an interesting method. I might investigate and perhaps we could see the wool at our next meeting. I'll hope to get there (an 2 months?) x

  2. Hi Robyne
    It was I , Chris who posted the post on Shibori dyeing, interesting heh. The next meeting will most probably be at my house in November. Cheers :)