Saturday, 20 February 2016

February Meeting of the Yarra Valley Rug makers

Our group was very small- only four people, but the conversation was lively and interesting. No photos were taken at this meeting- sorry :( [I forgot, oops]

Joy was busily working her lovely stair tread rug number two. It was drawn and started and at the end of the meeting she had two lovely woolly sheep hooked in fleece and mohair. Very realistic indeed.

Sandra was working on her piped binding for Shaun the Sheep and Chris continued to work on her oriental rug. That was it really.

Sandra had to leave early as she had to arrange the flowers for her church for the following morning- Sunday, so she left with some additional lillies and crepe myrtle branches from our garden, aaaand, we do happen to have a photo of the arrangement that Sandra sent me the following day. Beautiful isn't it? I just had to show you all. Here it is, now you can enjoy them too. :)

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