Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Rug meeting of 5th March, 2016

We have been silent for a while, I know. Our group attendance has been low the last couple of times, due to other commitments.

Our last meeting was at Anne's home and even though small, as always we had a wonderful time.

Anne, Jenny, and I [Chris] were there all day with Joy joining us at mid-day. It was great to see her.
Joy showed us the lovely gossamer scarf she was knitting, as she continued on with her stair tread mats, and Jenny her Stairway to the stars rug, Anne and I had a great discussion in her craft room, which would make anyone jealous, [only kidding]. We talked about the upcoming Craft Fest in Hasting where the YVR will be demonstrating and teaching 'make and take' projects for interested people.
Jenny's stairway to the sun
And in September we will be holding a Rug exhibition at the Coal Creek Gallery in Korumburra. This will be ongoing for a fortnight. Hopefully lots of tourists will be in attendance at that time. As I- personally, will be holding workshops at Milpara House Korumburra during term two, we hope this will also make a difference to the attendance, as slowly people get to know what this wonderful craft is all about. I will also be holding workshops in Lang Lang and hopefully Wonthaggi. My aim with this exercise is to raise money for missions and make rug hooking more widely known. I also hope to do some workshops for children and adults at a local church youth group.
Checkout my Facebook page HERE for details.
Joy's finished first tread and a start on the second
The day after the Craft Fest in Hastings I will be doing Rug hooking demonstrations at the local CWA craft fair in Loch. So even though slowly, we are working on expanding Rug Making in Victoria.

After lunch we actually got to work and did some hooking. Anne worked on her Fowl mood rug and yours truly on my Bird of Paradise mat.

On 15th March, I had a lovely visit from a very keen, beginner rug hooker from WA. Irene had visited our friend Miriam in Milton earlier and decided she wanted to take up proggy rug making. She and her husband were in Vic visiting their daughter and her family, so I was delightfully inundated with three adults and four children. The children were very interested in learning how to make a proggy mat, so the three girls had a go and a great job they did too.

Back to our meeting. We went on late on this day as we had so much to talk about., but thoroughly enjoying each others company.
See you next month. Hope you'll join us and learn how to make a rug. :)

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