Saturday, 14 May 2016

Milpara Hooky workshop in Korumburra, Vic

six were present at this workshop

Chris' workshops for Missions had its second workshop at Milpara House in Korumburra today with six people in attendance. This was a first try at hooky for everyone bar one person. Barbara attended the first workshop a few months ago. After a practice run on my stretcher frame most got the hang of it and were off hooking their chosen project on their borrowed PVC frames in the first hour of the day.


After a few trial runs, where she tried out several designs of her own, Susan settled on a colourful geometric pattern.

Morgen [photo below] designed her own hot air balloon [seen side on] and started by outlining in a bold turquoise colour. She will continue with her 'colouring in' at home.

Hayman's [at far right] artistic ability and natural creativity made up her design as she went along, using a variety of textiles from wool fabric to home-spun wool, knitted fabric and sari silk yarn.

This was Barbara's second workshop and she continued working on her chosen daisy design, using synthetic, wool and yarn to create this lovely colourful project.
Linda [below] worked on her technique but then decided to have a go at her owl design, which


was her choice of pattern in the kit. Doing great Linda, go girl.
Merril felt more comfortable working on her hooking technique but she caught up with the others sooner than she thought and decided to work her project as a hit and miss design using whatever fabrics were on hand.

It was a full day of learning, fun and fellowship. 
At the end of the day everyone had made new friends and maybe even catch up again at a local hook-in, which may well be at my home in Loch. Cheers

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