Thursday, 29 September 2016

Exhibition of Hand Hooked and Prodded Rugs at Coal Creek, Korumburra

Robyne, colour planning her proggy
Robyne and Chris hard at the frames

We had a wonderful exhibition of our hand hooked and prodded rugs for two weeks at Coal Creek out in the beautiful countryside of South Eastern Victoria, which finished on Sunday.
A vintage car rally was held at the venue last Sunday, which brought a lot of wives- and some husbands into the gallery for a look see. "Ooh, what is this beautiful- vintage- craft that we have never seen before." Thus were the comments. Many stayed around to watch our ladies prod and hook away at their rugs. They were fascinated by the process and were confused by the difference in latchet 
hook and hooked rugs- as is often the case. Janet the Coal Creek resident wool spinning lady was so excited to see our rugs and had wanted to make one since she was six years old. She was so  happy to see the rugs and talked to Anne and Robyne for a long time. She wanted to make a start immediately so she came back the following day and bought a frame, hooks and Miriam’s book. I hope we get to see her at some of the meetings. Such a nice lady. Hopefully we have spread the news a little further this fortnight.

From left: Chris, Anne and Joy
A series of six portrait rugs of Chris' grandchildren

Anne, working on her red poppy proggy rug

Chris' rug Tehran, which she has been working on for the last 20 months. Not being happy with the thinnish line of motives running north south, she needed some help and Joy came to the party with very helpful suggestions. You know when you are working on a rug, or anything really, and you come to a halt, not really knowing where to turn next and nothing comes to mind? That's when it is helpful for others to step in. They can look at your rug with an unbiased view. The result is at the right. Instead of hooking the scrolls in the darker cream as I have done most of the scrolls, I have incorporated part of that scroll into the small motive that was there previously. I am much happier with this result.

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