Saturday, 22 October 2016

Workshop at Milpara, Korumburra

Yesterday we had the most wonderful group of ladies attend a workshop in aid of overseas missions, at Milpara Community House in Korumburra, Vic.

After being shown the 'how to' of both the hooky and proggy techniques of rug making, these lovely ladies chose one technique to start a project of their own. They all chose to do a hooky rug and decided to use one of the owl patterns already stamped on the hessian, instead of opting for the other available patterns.

Beryl and  Jean's beautiful show and tell, cut loop hooked rug started by their
 mother  many years ago and which they now hope to finish. 
During the day they learned about colour planning, value, transferring patterns onto the backing fabric, tools, backing fabrics, where to find inspiration, choosing materials for hooking and much more.

A delightful day was had by all and the children in Missions in both Uganda and India are the grateful recipients of the workshop fees paid by these lovely ladies.
And on behalf of the children, I thank you as well. :)

front of the rug

Beryl and Jean brought in a rug started by their mother years ago. It seemed to be worked with a punch needle as the pattern was stamped on the back, However half of the loops were cut and the other in their original loops. They think she intended to cut all the loops. After cutting the loops it looks like the pile was brushed to soften the pile. Very interesting indeed. They will now hunt around in their mother's stash to see if they can find the wool she used on this wonderful heirloom, so they can complete what she started. I'm wondering if it is an old Semco design, Maybe others can shed some light on this?

back of the rug with pattern stamped on

Some of the ladies in our group belong to the Coal Creek Spinners and are showing their own exhibition at Coal Creek at present. Lots of talent in this group. One of them, Janet is a resident spinner at at this venue and is often seen in her old time costume spinning away and answering lots of question from visitors. She showed a great deal of interest in rug making at our recent exhibition at the gallery there. Thus she decided to do the workshop and bring her friends along too, thanks Janet.
Thank you ladies for a very interesting day. I aways learn so much from everyone. :)

Noelle and Janet the spinner

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