Monday, 20 October 2014

October at Anne's

We had another lovely play at Anne's house in Warrandyte Saturday past. Anne is here Still working on her pear chair pad. The colours are amazing (hand-dyed). I've thought I could quite happily nick those greens many a time.
Here I am (Robyne, on the left wearing Grandma's shirt, which I pulled out of my stash when I started my new rug, but kept to wear instead of cutting it up with the rest of her clothes) with Sandra from Hastings. Sandra seemed a little daunted, as I did the first time I tried hooking and got the hook in a tangle and thought it seemed harder than it is after an hour on my own. I sincerely hope Sandra stays and gets the bug. We have a lot to talk about... crafts of course, but also Sandra is keen on Genealogy and so am I. Mad for it actually (me that is, at least). I didn't have time (in my brain) to stay long enough to really chat (too much to do at home)... so maybe next time??
We all hope so. This is a most satisfying craft. I love the practicality of it and plan vast floor coverings for when we've finished renovating (haven't started on the house yet so have time to work towards it). 

Joy is our resident teacher. She patiently goes through the steps (difficult to do with me offering helpful advice at every step) (You can see me here watching and being terribly ready to jump in).

I found Joy, then Gene Shepherd, very helpful to watch and listen to... but found my stride after it,  seeing Heather Ritchie, who 'just goes for it'.
Joy explains the technique patiently and clearly so one understands the concept and practicality of the loop, which is the basis from which to jump. Heather isn't so precise in her tutorial (and you need the basic understanding) but 'paints' and jumps in in a way I love. When I say precise, I mean that some hookers like the even-ness of same sized-same direction loops and others don't so much. Of course there are no rules, only interesting 'marks' or textures.
Anyhow... on I go as usual.
Our little group is little, but so fond and warm and delightful. I can only manage to get there every couple of months, and perhaps not for a whole day (sniff!), but I look forward to it and feel renewed by the nice, enthusiastic, happy crowd that we are.
Thanks Blossoms!! xx

P.S. I think we have another dyeing day looming. Not next month, but soon.


  1. What a great explanation of the day's events Robyne, I almost felt like I was there with you. Very encouraging.
    Welcome Sandra to our little group. We hope you will stay and come to love this fibre art as much as we do. :)

  2. Loved my day out at Warrandyte - learnt lots and hope to make it to Loch to the next meeting.