Tuesday, 7 October 2014

October Get Together on the 18th

Due to the Strathalbyn Rug Hooking Expo, and our happy little group's participation there, our next get together will be postponed until October 18th at Anne's very welcoming home in Warrandyte.
The fun of it will be, for me in particular, I haven't had the run down on everyone's recent travels, and now the Expo stories as well.
Come along, it should be fun.

One of my favourite sources for inspiration (over many crafts) is the amazing Patricia M (pilllpat (agence eureka) on Flickr. These vintage matchbox images are very rug-like. Go and have a look. The link is to all of her albums, but these are from Here, here and here.

My grandchildren have had hours of fun making some of these old fashioned toys too. Nothing to do with rugs, but good to go to.

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