Friday, 27 September 2013

Anne's Proggy Rug, Finished!

‘Well, it’s  finally finished at last, my proggy rug for the spare bedroom.  I’m going to miss not having this rug  sitting on a frame ready for me to ‘just do a little bit more’ each day, taking up so much floor space in my room.  It is very colourful, which is what I wanted, but maybe has a little too much black in it.   And it’s big.  As heavy as a dead, wet sheep. Must be all the blanket in there as well as the polar fleece.   Measures 127cm (50”) by 84cm (33”).’


  1. Anne, it's gorgeous, your guests will be so spoiled, placing their bare feet on your lovely rug. I don't think there is too much black in it at all and you have spread it around the rug. It also tones down the colours. It's a nice contrast and I love contrast.

  2. looking so wow Anne. I know what you mean when you say you will miss it being around to 'do a little bit more on'. I think that is why I get another project on to my frame asap after finishing one. :) Joy