Thursday, 12 September 2013

It's finished

My Hubby Rug is finished. I have tweaked it somewhat by removing the dark red yarn line of his lower eyelid [it looked to me like he had bloodshot eyes] and replacing it with flesh colored wool strips. Makes his face look a lot better and friendlier I think. It is amazing what a little change can do. I saw the difference immediately.
I also added some teeth, although with a tapestry wool, so as not to be overpowering.
I finished the rug off with a braid in antique black/green. He loves it, and when he's happy, 
I'm happy :). finish my love rug...... but that's another story.
Looking forward to our meeting tomorrow.
Hmmm, Just wondering if I can square it up a bit more.....


  1. can't wait for tomorrow. I'm bringing Jen and Leanne (another knitting friend).

  2. Good work Chris. It does look better with the red gone. The teeth work! I suppose you don't want him to lose his teeth just yet and have a gaping black hole instead!
    I wish I was coming tomorrow... but, have ute, will help move house! It seems...
    Have a lovely time all of you. Please send my love. x

    1. Thank you Robyne and I will pass on your love. The next month will come along before you know it. In a blink of an eye so to speak.
      Have a good day, knowing you helped someone in need. :))

  3. I like it much better with the flesh tones under the eyes too. It looks much better.
    Great job on the teeth.