Thursday, 5 September 2013


Well girls, I am finally getting there. The hooking part is finished. Just a few little tweaks, the pressing and the binding. I don't know which method I will use for that yet. I'm thinking about it.
anyway, it will be completely done before the S & C show in October. I think I am quite happy with it.
Hubby keeps telling me I've got to put in some teeth. He thinks it looks like he has no teeth. I tried but have a lot of trouble getting that right. I have hooked some but they seem to overtake the mouth and look more like horse teeth. Maybe I need to use some yarn and just hook an illusion, I don't know. Any ideas are welcome.


  1. Good work Petal! What about, instead of hooking teeth, you just remove the stitching and leave the hessian. Kaffe Fasset did that in a portrait tapestry once and it looked good.

    1. Thanks girls. That's a good thought Robyne, but I tried that and it was too light. When you look at yourself in the mirror, the inside of your mouth usually looks dark, thus the dark wool that I hooked there.

  2. Wow, fantastic Chris! A true piece of art....congrats x

  3. Loving this Chris. As for teeth, how about a quite dark 'light' in a very small cut to suggest teeth. Do any of the portraits in the books you have show teeth? If so, I wonder how they hooked them in? Joy

  4. Your rug looks fantastic. As for the teeth I think that a very fine cut of off-white or fine yarn just under the darker line as to show just the very edge of some bottom teeth. Not all the whole length of the mouth as I think it would be too much. Please take this as just my unexperienced opinion only.
    Good luck with this.

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I appreciate it.