Saturday, 21 September 2013

Where Is Uzbekistan Anyway?

And do I deserve to use it's good name for my conglomerate blotch of a rug?
This colour scheme alternatively delights and disturbs me. Sometimes it looks great. Unusual, dynamic, brave. Then in a different light it just looks weird.

The colours are fairly correct, saving for the red, which is strobing a bit in the photo.


  1. Your rug is coming together so well. You must be hooking night and day! have you tried it in place yet? does it fit well there? For Chris's sake Uzbekistan is just above Turkmenistan which is to the east of the Caspian sea.I didn't know that before I checked it out though :)

  2. Thanks Joy, just a curiosity, my life doesn't depend on knowing.
    Robyne, I'm so looking forward to seeing your rug. I think you are being too critical of yourself. Just finish the whole rug and then look at it again. Sometimes you have to get used to certain colours together, especially if you don't tend to use those colours much. It's beautiful.

  3. This is a lovely rug Robyne, I think you've done a great job with this one. Can't wait to see it completed at one of our meetings. . Anne