Friday, 27 September 2013

Anne's Proggy Rug, Finished!

‘Well, it’s  finally finished at last, my proggy rug for the spare bedroom.  I’m going to miss not having this rug  sitting on a frame ready for me to ‘just do a little bit more’ each day, taking up so much floor space in my room.  It is very colourful, which is what I wanted, but maybe has a little too much black in it.   And it’s big.  As heavy as a dead, wet sheep. Must be all the blanket in there as well as the polar fleece.   Measures 127cm (50”) by 84cm (33”).’

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Where Is Uzbekistan Anyway?

And do I deserve to use it's good name for my conglomerate blotch of a rug?
This colour scheme alternatively delights and disturbs me. Sometimes it looks great. Unusual, dynamic, brave. Then in a different light it just looks weird.

The colours are fairly correct, saving for the red, which is strobing a bit in the photo.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

September Hook-in at Loch

What a wonderful day we had at Chris' home in the township of Loch. We missed Robyne and Lis but Jen came, as did Leanne. Leanne is a knitter and friend of Joy, and has at this stage not entered into the world of rug hooking, but the good thing is she loves coming (I think), so there's hope.
After a cuppa we got to business and talked about the upcoming Stitches and Craft show in October.

Chris is listening intently to Joy going through show rules and regulations

With that out of the way we continued on with our current projects but also added a new one for each of us. We started on personal hooked name tags for the S & C Show. It is quite a challenge to get your name into such a small space with some room to spare for embellishments. This was the first attempts at rug hooking for Jen, and she certainly did a great job. What a woman, and on such a small scale it is quite a challenge.

Leanne, knitting busily on her Mission Rug

Anne is working on her lovely Santa Rug for Christmas

Joy is working on her beautiful 'Manet's Melon' Rug. Aren't the colours gorgeous?

 Jen, learning the art of rug hooking

 What a gorgeous little name tag. I'm sure you can tell who made this one,

 ...and this one. Jen is already an established craftist, so learned very quickly....

...and this one.

After a lovely lunch and lots of cuppas we finished the day at about 3PM, already looking forward to our next meeting in October, when Miriam will be visiting us from NSW. We are looking forward to that. Well, that's it for our September meeting. I hope you, as our followers enjoy the blog and our rug hooking adventures. Cheers till next time.

Uzbeki Revamp

What can I say? It's completely changed and I've learnt heaps about planning. Now I'm having it at my bedside as it looks too small for the position I'd originally made it for. Even though it's quite large really, 150 x 60cm (59 x 24"). I do love it more with the blue, it feels French.
Now I need to dye some more cloth, just to finish the background and the foliage.
By the way girls, I have a couple of spare blankets. While you lovelies were busy hooking on Saturday, I was helping to clean out my Dad's cousin's flat (she's gone into a nursing home, quite happily). I'd put my hand up for her checked blanket, but there were 4-5 blankets there. Plus a girl from work has brought some in for me too! I'll bring them to October.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

It's finished

My Hubby Rug is finished. I have tweaked it somewhat by removing the dark red yarn line of his lower eyelid [it looked to me like he had bloodshot eyes] and replacing it with flesh colored wool strips. Makes his face look a lot better and friendlier I think. It is amazing what a little change can do. I saw the difference immediately.
I also added some teeth, although with a tapestry wool, so as not to be overpowering.
I finished the rug off with a braid in antique black/green. He loves it, and when he's happy, 
I'm happy :). finish my love rug...... but that's another story.
Looking forward to our meeting tomorrow.
Hmmm, Just wondering if I can square it up a bit more.....

Thursday, 5 September 2013


Well girls, I am finally getting there. The hooking part is finished. Just a few little tweaks, the pressing and the binding. I don't know which method I will use for that yet. I'm thinking about it.
anyway, it will be completely done before the S & C show in October. I think I am quite happy with it.
Hubby keeps telling me I've got to put in some teeth. He thinks it looks like he has no teeth. I tried but have a lot of trouble getting that right. I have hooked some but they seem to overtake the mouth and look more like horse teeth. Maybe I need to use some yarn and just hook an illusion, I don't know. Any ideas are welcome.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Our next Rug Makers Get Together at Loch

Hello fellow Rug Makers of Victoria
Our next meeting is nearly here again. Doesn't time just fly? Instead of the first week, it is the second Saturday of September for this, and the following month of October. So that is, the 14th September at Chris' home in Loch, in beautiful South Gippsland, and the 12th Oct at Anne's home in beautiful Warrandyte.
All are warmly welcomed.
If you have always wanted to try your hand at this wonderful old craft then now is your chance. Experienced people are at hand to give you a start and all for free. We help and encourage each other. Just bring your frame, hook and project to work on. If you don't have a project we can help you get some materials and a pattern to start on. Email us at this email address for more information.
Hope to see you there.