Sunday, 7 July 2013

Cold Wind, Rain & A Warm Fire, Soup and Friendship. Loch in July

Beautiful Loch. Not so far from Melbourne and as lovely as a lovely place will be! Chris opened her house for our third get together and of course we had a terrific time. It doesn't take long to build friendships when we share a joy in creativity.
Joy and Lis expounding the pleasures of hooking, true!
Everyone went home with a new leather rug-frame cover, compliments of a friend of mine, who gave me a huge roll of soft hide (I was glad to find something worthy to use if for). I also managed to offloaded a huge box of woollen fabrics, again compliments of another friend. Everyone gives me things because I'm bound to use them, but they do pile up (and up).
Lis is going great guns on her ...hmmm, I don't know Lis's name for it, but it reminds me of these gorgeous glass paper-weights, or of boiled lollies. We spent a bit of time offering suggestions for a background and hopefully helped, rather than added to the question.
Lis also brought her excellent box of random worms (as she called it). I tried to match some to my new rug, but let it go in the end. I always want everything! Behind the worms you can see Chris's hand made soap drying in the window. She kindly gave us all a neat little box with a piece of it as a gift, just like a lolly bag at a party! It looked edible.
 You can just see Chris's "Portrait of My Husband' and the wool she dyed for its surrounds. I possibly gave the game away when he came into the kitchen and we were all introduced. I said I recognised him from the rug photo. Chris and Joy gave me a sly dig in the ribs, because it's a surprise! Nong! We're not sure if he thought anything of it and we hope he's a typical boy and wasn't paying attention.
Sorry Chris! Sorry boys, to say that's typical!
The day was excellent, not just for the company, the delicious lunch and snacks, the surrounds or the warm fire, but we really did give each other ideas and talked through design solutions, colour or style options and dyeing techniques. I learned how to do little circles (which had been a puzzle to me) and we got to use Joy's smarty pants Townsend cutter! My poor, humble Fraser didn't mind second place and it's been busy since I got home, so I'm not entirely spoiled... 
Next month we'll be meeting on the second Saturday in Lilydale. Please contact us to join in! It's a great craft and so easy to learn, and we're a friendly lot.
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Cheers for now, Robyne


  1. Another wonderful day of hooking and friendship. I am a beginner in this craft and feel honoured to be part of such a nurturing group of artists. So if there are any beginners out there, come and join us. Thanks Chris for having us, say hi to the chooks for me! x

  2. Heh, heh, I'm sure the chooks missed the fuss from Saturday. They stayed out back today. It was too cold I think.
    Great day everyone, you're a terrific group

  3. The worst thing about rughooking saturday is that it's another whole month until we get to meet together again. Can hardly wait til august and an adventure with dyeing. Thanks everyone for a very special day. Thanks esp to Robyne who cleared up a few IT problems.