Tuesday, 2 July 2013

What Do You Think Of The Whiskers?

I have yet to finish stitching the darts, and need to build up the stool with foam (I made the cat mat bigger than the present seat cover to that end). My One True Love thinks the whiskers are too busy, but I can't see for looking anymore. Maybe the multi-coloured wool thread with the blue is wrong? Or is it right? He barely glanced at it and was feeling a bit tired and maybe a bit grumpy at the time... and I'm confused.
One friend said that with the whiskers, it looks more grown up and without them it's like a little kitten. I want the kitten! I'll halt for a night or two to decide.
Please pipe up!


  1. It looks great Robyne, well done. Does the kitten really need whiskers? :)

  2. Perhaps shorten the whiskers so that they are barely seen beyond the face then they will be suggestive of whiskers and less grown up. Joy