Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Hi everyone. It's been a little quiet on our blog for a while. Everyone must be very busy with their own lives. Have you had any time for hooking? How are your current projects going?
For those of you finding it difficult to choose just the right colour for you rug, you might like to have a look at the RugCrafting Aus website here,

I haven't done a great deal for a few weeks now. A little here and a little there on my 'love rug', that's all. 
I had a wonderful time in Tassie with our daughter and her wonderful family. The little ones grow up too fast, but I get to see them again when they all come to visit at the end of September for a week. 

I am looking forward to working on my hubby rug, come Saturday 10th at Joy's home, so this is just
a little reminder that we are not meeting this first Saturday of the month this time but the second.
Happy hooking. :)


  1. I got a perfect score! Yay!
    It's a fact that women can percieve colour better than men and that some women have even extra capacity, with reds I believe. Have a look here: although I read it elsewhere.
    I look forward to our next meeting! My Uzbekistan rug is coming along but I'm struggling with the greens. Got the hue, just not the shade... weekend dyeing work to be done!
    Already planning the next rug!

  2. Try taking a photo of it in grey scale, I do that all the time now and gives me a great idea of contrast.
    Wow you are keen Robyne, look forward to seeing it. :)

  3. Oooh, the first time around my score was 50, the second time around it was 15, so getting better. Wow, I didn't realise how hard it is to see minute differences between the values. Well done Robyne for a perfect score. :)