Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Just To Say...

I'm putting progress notes (so I remember what I've learned) over here on my blog. I'm sick of my own voice!
Something I have to say (having said that) I usually learn  headlong...
but just getting together twice with the gals in our group has given me so much information! Let alone new, warm friendships.
Seriously, you can't beat it.
For example, steaming your finished work makes ALL of the difference! And fitting rows together (as in the photo)... and dyeing.
I'm really pleased to have stumbled on this lovely group of ladies. Fanks guys!


  1. Thanks Robyne. I would post but I have no updates at the moment on any of my rugs. Haven't had the time to work on them recently. I don't think I'll get to my Hubby rug until our next meeting. Besides that, I'm off o Tassie on Monday, for a week to see our darling kids and grandkids.
    Chris :) :) :) :) :)

  2. Have fun! Lots of squishes and kisses! x