Friday, 14 June 2013

Cat Update

I can see that I need to make the background wider on the right hand side. And my One True Love says the eyes are too blue. I will think upon it. Obviously, it's not a realism issue, but is a graphic issue. Soft green might be prettier.…Also, I don't think the orange patch in the right side ear is right, so that'll come out too. It's so easy to edit! Please jump in with suggestions at any time!
This is the picture I've used (kind of) in the colouring in. I should have used it as my original sketching references, it's a pretty little kitten and mine's a bit grumpy.


  1. Your kitty looks so cute Robyne, I love your colours, you are so brave. I am not so brave yet as to try primary colours for portraits, whether animals of humans. I do love it though...maybe one day

  2. Hi Chris, thanks for your comment on my blog. I checked out the last three post and I love your work. The portrait of your husband is amazing. Is this a work in progress? I love the spaghetti rack to hold wool worms. I've seen one that someone made when I went to the Maritime Fibre Art Retreat last year and I've been wanting one ever since. It's a great way to keep the worms from getting all mixed up.

    I'll join your blog and I hope that you'll join mine.
    Have a great hooking day.