Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Started At Last!

This is my first 'rug'. The cat foot-stool cover. I didn't have the ginger-tabby colours I'd thought to use, and hadn't a pot for dyeing (actually I bought a large bowl at lunch time just now), so after sorting out my woollens, decided to use the tartans (I have heaps since it's almost all I ever wear).
It's loads of fun!
The eyes are too big, the buttery-palest-yellow (looks more cream here) is not quite right but Oh Well. I've since pulled out all of my tabby-cat pictures, and outlined the highlights, which are different than what I've hooked so far. I can see how I could have made it friendlier... and better... might not be too late and I can always give it to my grand-daughter and do another. I'm feeling relaxed about it though, since it's number one and The Official Trial Run.
This is my first attempt, other than a little yarn thing I started 20 years ago. I've never done hooking with the fabric strips and am in Love! Lerve! Luff! I am genuinely as happy as a lark! It's good to be so easily pleased!
The light blue/pink is the sample of my background. Those old pink and blue checked blankets work up to be just gorgeous!

I've used varying widths of fabric, varying weights too. I'm not trying terribly hard to maintain consistant loops, more to get the colour down. It's such a pleasure.
The backing is cheap coloured hessian from Spotlight. Nothing special.
Already, with my other (more important and linen backed) rug design pinned up near where I work, so many ideas are forming.
It's terrific to have started and there's no turning back now.
I found Jeanne Sullivan's tutorials very helpful. She reminds me of Kaffe Fasset, the way they are so matter-of-fact about things. "You just do this", no fuss, and hence no intimidation. If you love something, you'll pick it up, is my philosophy.


  1. Heh Robyne that is such a good start. I love the colours you're using, they're sooooo cool. I don't think the eyes are too big. Wait till you have the whole face done and they won't look so over powering. Well done. I'll look forward to seeing the whole thing done. Great Robyne.

  2. this is just fantastic Robyne. I love the colours and agree that the eyes are not too big. it matches your passion and excitement at finding so much joy in hooking with wool strips.