Friday, 14 June 2013

What do you do with your finished rugs? When one is head over heals in love with rug hooking and you just keep hooking you end up with more rugs than you have room for.

What do you think of  an ad page for selling and swapping?


  1. Good idea Chris, or perhaps have an Etsy shop, and add a link to the Links List? It's inexpensive and well established. I've seen a few rugs there.
    But about what to do with excess made things... I have enough children and grandchildren who sit in wait for whatever I might make. Plus, I don't like to give my precious time away for cheap, so can't imagine I'll ever sell any, unless it's for squillions!
    There's been an interesting discussion over on Rug Hooking Daily, about pricing.
    Not that you asked Chris! But it relates...

  2. Yes, I've seen it Robyne and I've taken the pricing system into consideration. I have one of my rugs [my outback sunset]on Ebay at the moment, just to see if there is any interest here is Oz, or anywhere really as I will sell world wide. I won't sell cheap either but I will consider a reasonable price.
    Etsy sounds good, maybe we can discuss it at the next meeting. :)

  3. I have an Etsy page. It's 20c per ad, for 3 months (I think) and you can add as many pictures as you want. So it has been taken up You pay a very small commission too. Have a look here: