Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Kitty's Ready Now, Yay!

So, The kitten is finished and I'm onto the border. Yay! I had loads of fun dyeing bits and bobs to make out the various details. Mostly it's old blankets. Almost exclusively.
The kitty circle is 53 cm across and the whole is 50-ish cm across.
I am now thoroughly addicted and took it on the train and did some at work too. Business men in suits probably wondered where all of the fluff on their trousers came from. I tried to shield it with my scarf but...
They're used to me doing things at work and cast me affectionate glances (I'm pretty well alone as a crafter there). Happy La!


  1. Oh Robyne that is amazing. I wonder if you are the only person who has rug hooked on a train :) Joy

  2. Your cat rug is looking fantastic and good for you for hooking on the train.

  3. I can see I'll need to always have a smallish project on the go. I can't imagine doing my next one on the train! By the way, I don't take my frame.

    1. How on earth do you hook without a frame, I can't do it.