Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Elisabeth's Three Sheep Rug

I finished my first wool strip rug hooking project... the '3 sheep' rug, on the weekend.  I have to say that I am very proud of myself.  I have even put the binding on (with thanks to the internet)!  
I am currently designing my next pattern.  It will be a geometric style rug allowing me to use lots of different colours... very excited about starting it!  I figured it was a good idea to keep practicing before I spend the dollars on buying a kit from the US.

I first started rug hooking by using yarn. I found this quite a challenge as I kept splitting the wool. We had our get together last month and I found out (with help from the lovely Joy) that my technique was not right. I wasn't getting the correct tension. The yarn rug was put aside (for the moment) and out came a kit that I purchased from the US. Once I started working with the wool strips, and the correct technique, everything came together. I was truly hooked! My rug hooking frame rotates, which I found very helpful, no need to twist and turn. I must confess though... I have 'hookers arm'. I must wear long sleeves and avoid the bare strips on the frame! Nothing a bit of Olay cream won't fix!
I guess my tip is, as a beginner, to relax and enjoy the journey! Holding your first completed rug is such a wonderful sense of achievement.
Now... onto project number two!

Here is a picture of the new venture.  I have pencilled the design and if anyone has any tips/ideas, please let me know.



  1. Lovely colours Lis. As for the newby, it reminds me of those gorgeous French glass paper-weights. The ones that look like boiled sweets. You could use anything and it would work! What colour background?

  2. Your finished sheep rug looks very nice. Wow, you didn't waste time in getting another rug on the way. It's a great way to used up some wool worms. I'm accumulating a lot and should start a geometric rug too but I'm still working on myChildhood Memories rug when I get a chance.


  3. It looks gorgeous Lis and your next one will be a winner, I am sure.
    Julia, I am looking forward to a photo of the next stage of your memories rug. I am doing a lot of pulling out on mine and re-hooking some parts a couple of times over. I have darkened the tree, to give it more contrast with the rest but I think I like my tree the way it was before better. Oh, well, we learn from the experts. It is on a cheticamp frame so a bit hard to see the rug as a whole.

  4. Im so very impressed with your first rug Lis... and that your on to your next one. You are hooked aren't you!