Saturday, 22 June 2013

Moving Right Along!

It's getting there.
The orange bit will be the sides of the seat cover. I'm going to put a blue stripe in it though, nearer to the blue background though, to funk up the transition.
I did find a pile of old plaid style (and other) blankets at an Op Shop last Thursday. Really grand 70's style colours, tans and creams. Great also for dyeing, which I did into the wee hours last night. The browns were just the thing.
Photographing is a good way to get a look at what you're (I'm) doing. I hadn't noticed a few things until just now! The left ear, for example (our left, kitten's right)... it's finished in as much as there is no gap left, but I can see I may need to edit it a little, to define it better.
I intend to embroider some whiskers last of all. I'm sure that will change the look dramatically.


  1. You cat is coming along great. I like the idea of looking at the rug in progress on the computer and it's amazing at things that just jump at us that we didn't noticed before.


  2. So true Robyne, a camera can pick up elements that we miss. Maybe the tones are a little close and that's why the ear is not as defined as you'd like it to be. I love it though it's so joyful and I love those blue, blue eyes! Joy

  3. Looking great Robyne.