Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Anne's Proggy Rug

I'm finally half way and was almost tempted to take it off the frame and cut the rest off as it has taken me so long to make, and I'm not sure if I like it anymore.  But I will keep at it as think this design needs to be a bigger rug.  I will probably shear the top a bit as some of the proggy loops a longer.  I actually prefer the wrong side, but the right will provide warmth to feet when stepping out of the bed.


  1. Anne, it's coming along beautifully. I love the colours and yes a bigger one will be so nice. Don't cut it in half, that would be a shame. I can just feel it on my feet on a cold morning. It must be very soft. One thing about polar fleece, it is so soft and cuddly. :)

  2. it will be worth it when it's done. Looking great so far, Joy

  3. Its looking great, anne...keep up the great work!