Monday, 26 August 2013

My One Trues Preliminary Sketch For His Bed-side Rug

All worked out with the Golden Mean, of course (ha ha ha). The Aussie crest, and the Eureka Flag.
My great-great-great John Smith was at Eureka.

We'll stick a bit of wattle in the middle somewhere.
'Here's the mighty wattle
The emblem of our land
You can stick it in a bottle
Or hold it in your hand.' (Barry Humphries)

Notice where he plonked Tassie.
I will do it Magdelena Briner Eby style, unless he has other plans for me, which is very possible. I thought this would be good to have on the go, for when I don't want to be too fussy. Country job... although that's an in joke around here because we always end up being fussy.
The whole idea was to use up bits and pieces I've changed my mind about using on the Uzbekistan Rug, but I can't see those colours working here...


  1. Hey robyne this looks terrific! You are certainly one fast hooker! x

  2. I wont tell Tassie that it's been resettled if you don't and is that New Zealand snuggling up on the side? Great design, merging eureka and the crest :) Joy

  3. Lis, I'm not up to working this new design yet! Still plugging away at the Uzbekistan bleeper! And Joy, yes that's NZ squished in the corner. We'll claim it for our own, as we do when they throw out someone famous or do something terrific! I've also drawn up a new kitten onto hessian and am about to sketch out a 'Grandma Rug'.
    They're quick to do IF YOU DON"T CONTINUOUSLY UNPICK! I'm pretty happy with the Uzbeki now...

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  5. Did you notice the Joey? Aw, cute!

  6. Hi, I know this is a question ,can you please suggest somewhere to buy a hook and a frame thank you

  7. Hi Evelyn, in Australia there are no rug hooking shops but if you go to the Rug Hooking Australia web site you will find about six suppliers listed on the right hand side. They may be able to help you or you can order from the USA or UK. To get you started check out Deanne Fitzpatrick and Gene Shepherd, I recently bought a K' floor frame which is great and recommend using a bent hook such as Gene sells from his web store. Hope this helps, Joy