Saturday, 24 August 2013

Joy's 'Glimmers Of Hope'

Glimmers of Hope is my first rug using a linen backing and is approximately 4 feet long and 1.5 feet wide.
It uses recycled hand dyed blanketing and is my own design. The image is a graphic representation of a phrase I woke up with in my head one morning a few years ago. "Glimmers of hope pierced the gloom". I then finished it with "like stars in the night sky".
After Googling this phrase, with no results, I can only put it down to inspiration.
I have long admired Van Gogh's work and this piece is strongly reflective of Starry Sky. After the recent loss of my youngest son, this rug brought together the hope I have in God's love that shines in the darkness of grief, Starry Night, and a hankering to try a design with cats paws. and there glimmers of hope pierce the gloom...


  1. So sparkly Joy. It moves and twinkles so prettily. I can feel the night sky on my cheek.

  2. So sorry for your loss Christina, I can see this rug as a healing for you. So much of your inner feelings of hope have come to be so well represented in this rug. It's very inspirational and very beautiful. I like how you wrote the message in the pattern so discreetly. Very effective. You are an inspiration to us.

    1. Hello Julia
      Easy mistake to make but it is Joy's rug not mine and her loss as well. Joy is a beautiful member of our Victorian Rug Makers group.

  3. Just love your rug joy... beautiful and very inspirational x

  4. Joy, I love your rug, it is very special and I love your beautiful description of it and how it came to be. God bless you girl. We all love you
    The stars just shine don't they and the wording is so subtle? You have picked your colours and values very well. Congratulations

  5. Joy, your rug is just beautiful and so inspirational. Please send a photo of your creation to Jo so that others can share the beauty via our newsletter. It is so nice to see something 'different' and so creative. Well done!

  6. Thank you every one for your encouragement and appreciation. Rughooking has indeed been a healing influence in these last 18 months and continues to be as I begin to realise a different future to the one I expected and took for granted.
    I intend to enter it in 'Art for the Heart', an exhibition of works produced by those who have experienced loss and emotional distress put together by Tobin Brothers.

  7. Your stars truly shine and glow in your rug Joy. A beautiful Rug, Anne