Sunday, 11 August 2013

August Hook-in at Lilydale

It was such a beautiful morning and we came from far and wide, all with a common interest. That of Rug Hooking. As we arrived, each in turn, Joy welcomed us warmly. Most of us were ready for a cuppa, especially Chris who drove 1 ½ hours to get to Lilydale. 

The food is great as always

After catching up on each other’s work, we headed to the dye kitchen, which happens to double up with the family kitchen as well [funny that].
With Gene Shepherd’s new book ‘Prepared to Dye’ ready and waiting, there were lots of oohs and aahs as we leafed through the beautiful book. 

Recipes were decided upon and we were off. Lis was looking for a dark background, to go with her multi coloured cat-paw rug, and after much discussion settled on an antique black recipe. Joy and Lis enjoyed all the ‘doing’ while we all watched as beautiful colours emerged. Ooh and  aah, once again at the results. 

Next Joy wanted a green and orange wool, for her next project which included a pumpkin, so a spot dye was suggested. Such fun

Over a most delicious lunch we chatted about the upcoming Stitches and Craft show in October. Each was delegated certain tasks and days to be there.
Robyne continued work on her Uzbekistan rug, Anne worked on her Santa Clause rug, Jen knitted and Chris continued work on her Hubby Rug. 

Both Lis and Joy were in the dye kitchen.
Joy had been working hard on her ‘Glimmers of Hope’ rug which was now finished. A beautiful rug indeed. Well done Joy.
My how the time flew. By 3.30PM, we packed up and headed for home. Another wonderful day of hooking with a bunch of wonderful ladies who are now firm friends. 
If you are looking to start a new craft, don't hesitate any longer. Come once and you'll be hooked- uhh, pardon the pun.

L-R: Chris, Jen, Anne, Robyne, Lis, Joy with some lovely newly dyed wool

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